Website Product Carousel Slider

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英文名称 Website Product Carousel Slider
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版本 13.0

Website Product Carousel

The Product Carousel is an exclusive multi-purpose 100% responsive Module with powerful features. Simple and well-structured coding, high quality and flexible layout, scalable features along with Product style to create tailor-cut websites.

Product Carousel can be Configured with Filter, Product Limit, Product limit per slide, Product Title On/Off, Price On/Off, User Rating On/Off, Wishlist On/Off, Add to Cart On/Off, Quick View On/off, Sale Ribbon.

Create a Product Filter

Customer can create different Product Filters from back end like New Products, Best Products Etc

Select Product Filter

Customer can select relevent product filter in Front End to show it in Product Carousal.

Product Customization Option

  1. Product Limit.

  2. Product Limit Per Slide.

  3. Product Title On/Off.

  4. Product Price On/Off.

  5. Product Add to Cart On/Off

  6. Product Wishlist On/Off

  7. Product Quick View On/Off

  8. Product Sale Ribbon On/Off

  9. Product User Rating On/Off

Product Sale Ribbon

Customer will be able to bifurcate products based on sales ribbons from the shop page.

Product Quick View.

In Quick View your visitors will be able to quickly see the big product image, Price, Rating and Product Small Description.

Technical Help , Queries & Support

We offer extremely convenient and quick support service to all your technical help & support requests. As our support service is the parameter defining the success of our business and earning us the brand name. Please feel free to contact us

[email protected] Request Customization

Frequently asked questions

1) What is the support policy for the Module ?

You will get 60 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module only.

2) Can I distribute, re-distribute, re-release the theme or any of it's modules ?

No, Purchased Module is for your commercial use only.

3) Do we provide additional support if required ?

Yes, We provide paid support for special requirements for further Customization on existing Module.

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