New User Account Approval

New User Account Approval

Supported Editions

New User Account Approval module is a very useful Odoo addon for filtering Users in Odoo.

Key Features

  • External Users in Odoo can be filtered easily through this module.
  • Approve or Reject User asking access to the system.
  • Useful to filter spams on the system.
  • E-mail notification to the user after approval.
  • Supported by all browsers.
  • No extra configuration needed.

Users Pending for Approval

The menu for checking Pending Users is added to the Users menu.

Create Public Users at SignUp.

User is redirected after Sign-Up and not allowed access till approval.


Navigate to the Users & Companies Menu, Click on Users Pending For Approval Sub-menu.
You will see the Users List waiting for Access.

After giving approval to the user,that user is allowed to access the system as Public User.

User also recieves a mail as notification after the approval for access.

User Rejection

If the Admin rejects the User Request,the User is not allowed access.