Landed Cost on Costing Method Average (AVCO)

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英文名称 Landed Cost on Costing Method Average (AVCO)
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版本 12.0

Product Category

Set costing method is average cost (AVCO)


Show product after set costing method in product category is average cost (AVCO)

Purchase Order

Create Purchase Order to the same product configured

Receive and validate shipment

after confirm PO, recieve and validate shipment

Show cost of Product

show cost of product after validate shipment

Landed cost product

Create land cost product either from landed cost type menu from Configuration Menu in inventory module or from Product Menu but set product type is service and check land cost boolean field from accounting tap in product profile

Vendor Bill and Create Landed Cost

Create vendor bill of landed cost and after validate bill directly create landed cost from the same vendor bill by click on Create Landed cost and select shipment. Note: can you show landed cost from inside vendor bill in any time by click on smart button land cost

Compute and Validate Landed Cost

After create Landed cost and select shipment,, click on compute Button to divide cost on product in shipment and after that click on validate landed cost

Product Cost is Updated as per Average Costing Method.

You can show product cost after landed cost either from product profile or from inventory valuation report

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