Stop Recruitment Automatically

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英文名称 Stop Recruitment Automatically
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版本 12.0

Stop Recruitment Job Positions Automatically

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This odoo application allows you to set Stop Recruitment Date on Job Positions. On specified date, Recruitment Process for that Job Position will be automatically stopped.


Set Stop Recruitment Date on Job Position in odoo
Recruitment Process for specific Job Position will be automatically stopped on configured stop date
Shows number of Job Applications for specific Job Position in dashboard view
Shows number of Left Days(from which recruitment process will be stopped for specific job position) in dashboard view
Note : only user with Recruitment > Manager right can configure stop recruitment date for Job Positions

How It Works

Configure stop Recruitment Date as Recruitment Manager
Information Updated in Kanban View

Free Support

You will get 90 Days free support incase any bugs or issue (Except data recovery).

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