Buy route extension for 11.0

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英文名称 Buy route extension for 11.0
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版本 11.0

Buy Route Option

Add an option to the purchase settings page to determine whether the purchase route is selected by default when you create a new product.

Key features
  • Enable features on the settings page.
  • Control whether to enable purchasing routes when creating a new product with options .
  • Support odoo version 12 11 .
Module Detials

Operation steps

Uncheck the option


Creat new product, buy route was unselected



  1. Used in manufacturing companies

    In manufacture companies, you shoud unchecked the option. And set up the routes in product category.

  2. Used in trading companies

    If you use it in a small trading company and all products sold are purchased, you can check this option to use the system default features.

Free Support

All our modules have been tested repeatedly on the corresponding version of odoo using Firefox and Google Chrome. You purchased modules will get 90 Days free support incase any bugs or issue (Except data recovery).

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