Inventory Adjustment Cancel/Reverse

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英文名称 Inventory Adjustment Cancel/Reverse
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版本 12.0

Inventory Adjustment Cancel/Reverse

This module helps to reverse inventory adjustments, allow to cancel inventory on done stage and reset inventory on cancel stage.


Inventory Adjustment Cancel

Inventory adjustment easy to cancel on done stage.

User Access Rights

User Access for inventory adjustment cancel/reset button.

Inventory Adjustment Reset

Inventory adjustment easy to reset on cancel stage.

Inventory Adjustment By Lot/Serial Number

Cancel/reset product of lot/serial number.

Allow user to access cancel feature

User can configure inventory adjustment cancel button.

Inventory Adjustment Validate

Validate inventory adjustment.

Detail Inventory Adjustment

See the detail of inventory adjustment after validate.

Cancel Inventory Adjustment

User can cancel inventory adjustment.

Cancelled Inventory Adjustment

See the detail of inventory adjustment after cancelled.

Reset Inventory Adjustment

User can reset inventory adjustment.

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